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Attachment leads to suffering. Gautama Buddha (via qarcon)

Untitled, 1952-Yayoi Kusama

Be with someone that never stops choosing you. They would cross an ocean or even step over a puddle to be with you and don’t make excuses.

Do not let yourself wrap so tightly around their heart that you cannot see that how much they say they love you falls short of how much they show you they love you. They will always show you how they really feel.

Do not ever love someone that treats you like an option. One of two, one of three, no. That will fuck you up.

Do not fall for someone that doesn’t take careful consideration about how their decisions will effect you. You shouldn’t have to protect yourself from the person you love.

It should only be you. You should be the one they want, no questions asked. It should always be you. You. You. You. Never compete for them, it will only ravage your last shred of trust you had for them as well as future relationships and scar your heart beyond healing.

This is not a fucking luxury. Being the first and only choice is not a magnificent grandeur. It’s not too much to fucking ask not to be a romantic safety net. Fuck anyone that says otherwise

Reasons why you weren’t the love of my life (via youwillunderstand)
People will love you and support you when it’s beneficial. Nicki Minaj (via they-messed-me-up)

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